The Concord Monitor: Fair and Balanced – by Arnie Arneson

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On November 17, the Concord Monitor made this announcement:

We are also giving a promotion to the most prolific member of the current board: Grant Bosse. Although we ask board members to write at least four times a year, Bosse has become a weekly staple. He writes mostly about New Hampshire politics and government from a decidedly conservative point of view – not a bad voice to have at a time when Democrats have just retaken the New Hampshire House and the governor’s office. Starting this week, Bosse will be a regular Monitor columnist.

Arnie had submitted this piece two days earlier:

rejected within 48 hours of their public posting of Grant Bosse becoming a Weekly Columnist (note my description of BOSSE below….hmmmm)
USA Today had a headline Women rule NH. NYTimes ran this: New Hampshire’s All-Mother Congressional Delegation (and Governor). The story was headlined: What an all Female Delegation says about NH

Yes , of course, there were competent women running in NH. Yes, of course, they could raise money (lots of money). And folks are still talking about their ground organization… BUT, and the but is important here, there is another piece to this story.
Behind the historic, first-in-the-nation NH Democratic Female Sweep is a group of men who, wittingly or unwittingly, set the stage for the regime change in New Hampshire and who should never be forgotten. You may not know them by name, you don’t need to, but you will recognize the archetype…every state has them but rarely do they all walk on to the political stage at the same time.
Compiled for your edification, are the dossiers of those I like to call,  “The Mad Men and not so Mad Men, Who Made The Difference”.

William O’Brien – Retrograde autocratic Speaker of the House who managed in less than 2 years to offend every constituency,
as well as inspire his reactionary government-hating base to reach new lows in lawmaking; he burdened us all with his anti woman, anti judge, anti gay, anti education policies. Some of the antediluvian concepts he unearthed didn’t make sense in the 1800s let alone in 2012

Former Governor John Sununu- Former NH GOP Chair who orchestrated the election that infested the NH 2010 Legislature with the control freak outliers who abandoned all legislative standards and served as minions for every whim of the raging Speaker. Ranks as the surliest Romney surrogate and campaign co chair; captured worldwide attention when he exposed his previously veiled racism with bigoted comments about the President of the United States.

NH Senate Candidate Josh Youseff  – Very angry divorced father who hates judges, child support, his wife’s attorney Ed Mosca and the IRS. Willing to deploy any trick in the book, including what appears to all who saw it, received it, were influenced by it, identity theft, to win a Republican primary for state senate. His law bending (breaking to be determined) and subsequent explanations embraced by GOP leaders, revealing their willingness to accept any scofflaw and worse if it means a win for the party.

Lawyer Ed Mosca – Snarly attack dog attorney makes the twofer list:
1. as the legally creative (I think that is the polite way of saying making stuff up) Counsel to Speaker O’Brien
2. the lawyer representing Josh Youseff’s wife and one of the targets of Youseff’s identity theft during the Republican primary.

Republican Representative Tony Soltani and  Republican  Representative Steve Vaillancourt - Eccentric members of the NH legislature who were a constant target of the Speaker’s vindictiveness because they were willing to challenge the abusive behavior directed at themselves and other members of the House. Rep.Vaillancourt  blurted out “Seig Heil” in response to one of the  procedural manipulations used by the Speaker during a contentious floor fight in the NH Legislature.

Former Representative D. J. Bettencourt – Young ethically challenged Republican Majority Leader who left in disgrace after he falsified law school internship documents. DJ’s attempt to juggle his political career and complete his last semester at UNH law school  cost him both his elected position and his law school degree. His prominence as Majority Leader helped GOP leaders to face the music about the need to hit the eject button sooner rather than later.

Jack “the General” Kimball –  NH Tea Party activist and political neophyte who became Chairman of the NH GOP with the help of Speaker O’Brien. Was abruptly forced to resign because of  accusations  of mismanagement, poor fundraising, questionable spending and support for (can you imagine?) the Libertarian ticket.

Governor John Lynch – Four term Democratic governor who was the best reminder to the State of NH what the Republican party was missing: a moderate.

Former Democratic State Representative Jim Splaine- Gutsy state representative who insisted, over the nays of the governor, the legislative leadership, and even many gay activists, that NH could not tolerate a second class union for gay couples and forced the gay marriage issue. Won in 2009 setting the stage for a full throated conversation on all the social issues in 2012.

The Catholic Bishop of Manchester and his Lobbyists – This gang emerged from their religious cocoon to demand that the O’Brien legislature reject Obama Care because it included a  birth control benefit.

Grant Bosse Lead Investigator for the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, editor of New Hampshire Watchdog and regular contributor to the Concord Monitor OpEd page. This “policy guru” is a corporately underwritten promoter who delivered content that was so glaringly wrong, blindly partisan, and/or conveniently selective in its choice of “the facts”, that it should have been labeled misleading advertising not analysis.

Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field

Mike Marland - Long time award winning Concord Monitor cartoonist whose sharp-witted drawings nail it time and again. Marland’s cartoon about Representative Vallincourt’s “Sieg Heil”, depicted the Speaker with a Hitler style mustache and the caption, “if the mustache fits”. This prompted the Speaker to issue a retaliatory response banning access to all Monitor news reporters.

Ira Glass Executive Producer of This American Life’s recent episode:  Red State Blue State that exposed  the Nation to the erosion of civility and utter disregard of people and process embraced by despot O’Brien during his reign as NH Speaker of the House.  

Ovide LaMontagne- Socially conservative candidate for Governor. His political agenda didn’t work the first time, against Jeanne Shaheen, nor the second time against Maggie Hassan. His self-projection as a ” Scott Walker on Steroids”  along with a pledge that  he would follow in the footsteps of NH’s notorious Governor Thomson (the most reactionary governor in the US who defended South Africa’s apartheid policies and ordered NH’s flags lowered to half mast on Good Friday) did little to breed trust and inspired a union driven Get Out the Vote (GOTV) never before seen in NH history.

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7 Responses to The Concord Monitor: Fair and Balanced – by Arnie Arneson

  1. Ray Buckley November 26, 2012 at 9:22 am #
  2. hannah November 26, 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    that the reader does not need to know the names of the obstructionists and then proceeding to name them. Also, including Ira Glass in the ironic designation of “Outstanding Achievement” seems ill-advised.
    Perhaps some editing is in order.
    That said, I would personally prefer to see the term “conservative” retired permanently. The clear intent of these supposed ideologues is obviously to keep themselves in the public eye.
    They are grand-standers, bent on making nuisances of themselves. Giving them any kind of platform is fruitless for the simple reason that their obsessions cannot be satisfied. One might as well compromise with a bloodsucking gnat.

    • political chowder November 26, 2012 at 7:31 pm #

      Hannah, in NH it WAS personal and individuals mattered. Their collective actions had enormous consequences and it is a cautionary tale for those that won.

      • hannah November 28, 2012 at 5:15 am #

        the structure of the article undermined the story.  That’s all.

  3. JonnyBBad November 26, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    there is another reason we no longer pay to have the dead tree edition delivered by gasoline power

  4. Rep. Jim Splaine November 27, 2012 at 12:06 am #

    I was concerned when I quickly noticed my name among most of those others in this binder of men, but I get it after reading it all.  I was  far enough separated from Bill O’Brien on the list to make me feel better.

    I’m just so happy that we have so many incredible people newly elected — and re-elected — to office who will neutralize whatever is written by the daily or weekly tabloids, no matter whose columns they contain.

    I do think it would be valuable for all of our elected officials to offer their own content on the Internet — including and others on the blogosphere — and through newspaper commentaries and letters to the editor.  Many already do.  All should.

    When stories are written in online newspapers, there are often comment sections, and our elected officials can offer their own analysis as well — and set the record straight, as needed.

    The Internet (i.e. also social media) is becoming the GO-TO place for more and more news for all of us.  

  5. Kathy Sullivan 2 November 27, 2012 at 4:29 am #

    Let us not forget that Grant Bosse was involved in the phoney “Democrats for Political Integrity” pac organized by the NHGOP in 2000, which sent out deceptive flyers claiming to carry a message from the NHDP. The Nashua Telegraph called the effort “cheap shot mailings” and “garbage”.

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