New Resource in Fight Against Voter Suppression

I got a press release yesterday – worth posting in full:

New Website Educates Granite Staters of Voting Rights, Responsibilities

Website Launched to Protect NH Voters After Slew of Anti-Voter Legislation

CONCORD, NH – Last session the New Hampshire Legislature passed laws that added new steps and confusion to the voting process in the Granite State. To help counteract the negative effects of these changes, Granite State Progress Education Fund and New Hampshire Citizens Alliance have created a website dedicated to educating voters about the changes and ensuring Granite Staters exercise their right to vote. The website,, contains a breakdown of the new laws that affect voting, and what to do if you are unfairly challenged at the polls.

“Every qualified New Hampshire citizen over the age of 18 has the right to vote, period,” Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress Education Fund said. “The goal of is to guarantee Granite Staters have the information they need to successfully participate in our democratic process.” contains a wealth of information on important topics ranging from student voting rights to the ins and outs of the new voter ID laws. The website also offers links to important state voting services, including registration and absentee ballot information.

“The trial run of these new laws during the September Primary clearly demonstrated that New Hampshire is not ready to implement them without jeopardizing voter rights,” Sarah Chaisson Warner, Executive Director of New Hampshire Citizens Alliance said.”We felt it was only right to make sure people understood their rights and the new laws. The most important thing is to let New Hampshire citizens know that they can vote even if they don’t have photo identification. Voters can always fill out an affidavit instead.”

The joint project aims to make sure no voter feels intimidated or pressured while performing his or her constitutional right to cast a ballot.  NH Citizens Alliance will have poll watchers stationed throughout the state to hold voter education signs and monitor any issues that arise. A hotline has been set-up to address any problems and can be found online at the voter protection website,  

2 Responses to New Resource in Fight Against Voter Suppression

  1. hannah November 1, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

    there is an effort to thin the electorate. After all, for several decades they heard low voter participation decried as a negative. What they didn’t realize was that the expressed concern was disingenuous; that the hand-wringing was actually an expression of delight that the rabble had, once again, been persuaded not to participate in the “worthless” rites of democracy.
    It was only when the trend was reversed that it became necessary to employ more direct strategies to derail participation in the democratic process.

    Republicans lied when they said low voter turnout was bad.

  2. Zandra Rice Hawkins November 5, 2012 at 10:43 pm #

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