Bill O’Brien Refuses To Admit Monitor To Press UnAvail

Bill O’Brien held a press unavailability today. He refused to admit Annmarie Timmons and Matt Spolar from the Concord Monitor. Actually, he had Shannon Bettencourt block the door.

The Concord Patch has video and the story.

There is speculation that he is upset over the Monitor cartoon of him with the Hitleresque mustache over l’affair Vaillancourt.

When asked for a comment he did not respond, but instead just waved dismissively.

Disappointingly, the Patch says the press unavail “featured O’Brien, both Democrats and Republican state legislators”. Although it is hard for me to criticize elected Democratic representatives, if that is accurate, I will be very critical. However, I will hold off for more facts. I will say this: any state rep who saw  O’Brien bar some members of the press should have walked out in protest.…  



  • TimothyHorrigan

    Peter Leishman was the only Democrat in the room.  Some earlier reports erroneously counted Bruce Marcus as a Democrat:  he is in fact a Republican.    Marcus only rarely shows up at the State House, so I can’t blame the press corps for not knowing who he was.

  • Kathy Sullivan 2

    It doesn’t sound like anyone in the rest of the press walked out. I’m surprised by that. Although they did ask the Speaker for a comment, and he gave a wave of dismissal. Looked very “l’etat c’est moi” of him.

    • elwood

      but really, their first responsibility is to get the story.

      If the story was reported, “he threw out a reporter, I walked out in protest, and then he said something unknown” we would be ill-served.

  • susanthe

    how these guys would scream if Lynch had ever refused the UL at a press conference. How they’d weep, wail, moan, and rend their garments if Obama denied Foxaganda access.

    O’Brien’s a petty, thin-skinned tyrant.  

    • JonnyBBad
    • flatlander

      the UL never even mentioned a reporter was refused admittance in their coverage this morning. Just that a ‘bi-partisan’ group of reps met with the dismissed store clerk.

      • Kathy Sullivan 2

        I don’t know if it was in the on line edition or not, but on the front page story about the press unavail, there was a little blurb referencing a story on I believe page 8 about a reporter being refused admittance.  

  • elwood

    the press on ethics and civility?

    • susanthe
    • DianeR

      Shannon is Bettencourt’s new wife?? I figured it is just a common French name around here. Puh-leeze! What a charming pair.

  • Rep. Jim Splaine

    It is so personally sad to me to view video of people in an office that has been graced by so many good New Hampshire leaders through the years filled by this cast of actors.  

    I’ve had many meetings on important issues in that office, with Republican and Democratic Speakers and leaders in past years dating to 1969.  And when Terie Norelli was in that office the people’s business WAS the people’s business.  

    So sad.  So bad.  Kind of makes me mad.  

  • susanthe

    1) This took place in the People’s House. That should offend every one of “we the people.” Censorship has no place in OUR house.

    2) I wish Annmarie Timmons had stood her ground, and forced O’Brien (and his prissy finger-wagging aide-de-corruption) to have her arrested.

    civil disobedience = civil defense

    • TimothyHorrigan

      The way our Speakah sees it, the State House is HIS house.

  • Dean Barker

    Freedom of the press is vital to our democracy. I’m concerned that Annmarie Timmins and Matt Spolar of the Concord Monitor were prevented from that by House Speaker Bill O’Brien today. – JC

    And the Twitter version:

  • tchair
  • The Money Magician

    The News Nazi.  For those few folks who don’t get it, here’s some soup for you.

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