Veto Day: School Vouchers & Voter ID Top the Card

Tomorrow the House and Senate convene to consider Gov. John Lynch’s vetoes of 13 bills (by my count) that they passed during the current session. The bills include such high profile legislation as photo voter ID (SB 289), school vouchers (HB 1607, SB 372) and medical marijuana (SB 409).

The first vote for each bill will occur in the originating chamber. If two-thirds of those present vote to override the veto, the action then moves to the second chamber. If two-thirds of those present in the second chamber vote to override the veto, it becomes law.

Below the fold, I’ve included a brief description of each bill with a link to the full text, an excerpt of the Governor’s veto message, and the last recorded roll vote. The last recorded roll call vote may not have been for the final version of the bill and is only included to provide a sense of the lawmakers’ relative support for each bill. The full text of the Governor’s veto messages can be found in the calendars for the House and Senate.

House Bill 217
: Provides that a fetus shall be included in the definition of “another” for the purpose of first and second degree murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, and causing or aiding suicide.
Veto Message: “I support legislation that would establish these criminal penalties for the death of a fetus, provided that criminal liability is triggered only if the fetus was deemed to be “viable” and that the legislation was based upon sound medical science. HB 217 fails to meet that standard.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 210-108 (House), 18-6 (Senate)

House Bill 1549
Description: Prohibits the use of motor vehicle records for any federal identification database.
Veto Message: “[T]he New Hampshire Department of Safety believes it would have serious negative consequences for the apprehension of criminals, the recovery of stolen vehicles, and even for the prevention of terrorism and threats against the President and Vice-President of the United States.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: none

House Bill 1607
: Establishes an education credit against the business profits tax.
Veto Message: “Diverting public funds to private schools and downshifting costs to cities and towns is the wrong policy for our state and taxpayers, and is the main reason I have vetoed this bill and SB 372.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 173-127 (House), 17-7 (Senate)

House Bill 1666
Description: Requires approval by the fiscal committee of the general court of all collective bargaining agreements entered into by the state.
Veto Message: “The Legislature has a time tested and practical role to play in the collective bargaining process – approval of cost items through the state budget. This system has served our state well over the years, and major changes contemplated by HB 1666 will be a detriment to that system.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 203-77 (House)

House Bill 1679
Description: Prohibits practice known as “partial-birth abortion.”
Veto Message: “I believe the federal law is appropriately more protective of the life of the pregnant woman.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 224-110 (House), 18-5 (Senate)

Senate Bill 175
Description: Provides for the transferability and descendibilty of the common law right to control the commercial use of one’s identity.
Veto Message: “I believe that the omission of legitimate, clear exceptions for news and expressive works will inhibit constitutionally protected speech and result in needless litigation to judicially establish what should have been made explicit in this bill.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: none

Senate Bill 289
: Requires that a voter present a valid photo identification to vote in person.
Veto Message: “SB 289 would put into place a photo identification system that is far more restrictive than necessary. … The use of this inappropriate affidavit will cause confusion, slow the voting process and may result in the inability of eligible voters to cast their vote.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 255-103 (House), 17-6 (Senate)

Senate Bill 318
This bill modifies forms and procedures for voter registration.
Veto Message: “Any changes to our voting procedures must ensure a person’s constitutional right to vote is protected. This bill does not meet that test.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 260-101 (House), 18-5 (Senate)

Senate Bill 326
Description: Eliminates certain taxation of trusts under the interest and dividends tax.
Veto Message: “I am vetoing this legislation because I remain concerned about the potential fiscal impact and unintended consequences of the provisions amending our trust laws. The proposed tax policy changes lack clarity, have not been fully examined and may be unfair to some taxpayers.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: none

Senate Bill 356
Limits the scope of amendments that may be considered by delegates to a constitutional convention
Veto Message
: “If we reach the point in our history when such a convention were to occur, it seems that would be the appropriate time to consider process issues for delegates.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 205-134 (House), 14-6 (Senate)

Senate Bill 372
Description: Establishes an education tax credit against the business profits tax.
Veto Message: “This bill shifts limited state funds away from public school districts, it will downshift the cost of reduced adequacy payments to local communities and property tax payers, it allows private organizations to determine the use of public education funds, and does not fully target scholarship funds to students most in need of help with tuition and other educational expenses.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 236-97 (House), 15-5 (Senate)

Senate Bill 406
Description: Establishes a system of early offers for medical injury claims as an alternative to litigation.
Veto Message: “I do not believe that it sufficiently and fairly balances the interests of the general public with the interests of medical providers in expeditiously resolving medical injury claims. SB 406, as presented to me, lacks certain fundamental safeguards that are necessary to protect injured patients.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 220-141 (House), 18-4 (Senate)

Senate Bill 409
Description: Permits the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.
Veto Message: “I cannot support establishing a system for the use of medical marijuana that poses risks to the patient, lacks adequate oversight and funding, and risks the proliferation of a serious drug.”
Last Recorded Roll Call Votes: 236-96 (House), 13-9 (Senate)


5 Responses to Veto Day: School Vouchers & Voter ID Top the Card

  1. mevansnh June 27, 2012 at 2:11 am #

    In PA, a similar bill was passed and the top Republican,the house majority leader, said this weekend that the passage of the voter ID bill would make it possible for Romney to win PA in Nov. proofing that this bill has nothing to do with voter fraud and everything to do with voter repression.


  2. elwood June 27, 2012 at 3:32 pm #

    Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan spoke out against it the other day. The Civil War might have survived under it, but certainly not Baseball or Jazz.

  3. William Tucker June 27, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    Union Leader reports the Senate, not having the votes to override, is likely to propose an amendment to SB 289 today.

    Any change in Senate Bill 289 would send it back to the House for approval and then back to the governor, who would have up to five days to sign the bill or veto it, which would likely kill the bill for the year.

  4. DianeR June 27, 2012 at 5:03 pm #

    We’re not there yet, but wouldn’t this be great. ALEC go home.

    • DianeR June 27, 2012 at 5:05 pm #

      just responded to the wrong string. I was referring to the news about the possible demise of voter ID. I’m sure you get my drift…

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