The Bradley Advantage

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The version passed by the Senate yesterday does not change the intent of the House’s bill, just its wording. Sen. Jeb Bradley, a Wolfeboro Republican, said it clarifies that no “natural” person’s income can be taxed to distinguish real people from corporations, which fall under the legal definition of person.

Bradley and the amendment’s supporters said the constitutional amendment preserves one of the state’s greatest advantages: its lack of an income tax.

From the ever uncritical NHPR

Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley told his colleagues supporting this plan is noble and worthy.

“Our tax structure is critical to the New Hampshire that we know and love. And to the fact that as difficult as this Recession has been, has survived a very difficult economy.”

Bradley says if the amendment succeeds it will enshrine the so-called New Hampshire advantage.

One wonders: is Jeb Bradley a natural person? He spoke without an iota of self consciousness or irony. What does he know about the difficulties of the economy or survival? He’s had his whole life handed to him on a silver salver.

Multimillionaire Jeb, of the Swiss bank accounts, wants to ensure that he and his fellow millionaires don’t ever have to pay their fair share, and he’s going to do his damnednest to enshrine that in our state constitution.

This is the very definition of corruption and legislating in one’s own self interest.

These people know that many of them will never, ever be reelected, and they’re doing all the damage they possibly can right now. To tie the  hands of future legislatures in this way will ensure that NH will never, ever have a competitive economy, because we’ll never be able to fix our infrastructure or fund our university system.

Bradley’s lack of shame as he serves himself and his Richie Rich constituency is nauseating.  

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6 Responses to The Bradley Advantage

  1. cyndychase May 18, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    If John Adams had passed a constitutional amendment against gas powered engines we would still be plowing with a horse!  Just as John Adams had no idea about gas powered engines, so current legislators have no idea of what the future needs of NH will be.  It is the height of conceit to assume that those legislating in 2012 have such vast prognosticating abilities that we can legislate what is best for our grandchildren and great grandchildren 50 or 75 years from now.  Nor does it speak well for how current parents and grandparents are educating their children to support their values.  Tying the hands of future generations to what is seen as popular today is just plain stupid.  

    • FrankLloydMike May 19, 2012 at 12:58 am #

      current legislators have no idea of what the future needs of NH will be.

      Forget the future… the current legislators have no idea what the current needs of NH are!

      We need look no further than the constitutional amendment from the 1930s limiting the state gas tax strictly to highway maintenance. That shortsightedness has meant that New Hampshire can’t use its meager gas tax to implement rail or even bus service to alleviate congestion on highways. It doesn’t matter than public transit like rail is much cheaper than building new highways and is more of an economic development tool and better land use; it’s unconstitutional to use the money in that way, so we get ever widening and congested highways.

  2. billkennedy May 19, 2012 at 2:02 am #

    If the New Hampshire Advantage is to tax property and business owners to death, I would say Jeb is dead on but I suspect he is advocating for a wealthy minority.  People across America are watching the buffoonery perpetrated by the Right in this State.  It would be almost laughable if I didn’t live here and the sooner the Radical Right is ousted, the better!  Attempting to pass legislation which ties the hands of future state leadership is nothing short of irresponsible and nearsighted.  Someone recently told me that Jeb was a reasonable man.  I guess I have to change my view of what reasonable means!

  3. hannah May 19, 2012 at 4:12 am #

    are always looking to be


    Being equal just doesn’t make up for the feeling that they might be inferior, subordinate, unworthy or disadvantaged. What’s really sad is that their feelings don’t dissipate.  Enough is never enough.

  4. beverlywoods May 20, 2012 at 2:05 am #

    is really “taking advantage”.

    It is the very well off, taking advantage of our very regressive tax structure to get a nearly free ride, while everyone else pays.

    • hannah May 20, 2012 at 6:01 pm #

      “opportunistic infections.” The targets are not aware of being targets. It doesn’t occur to people of modest expectations that the affluent are jealous of what little they have. It seems an irrational notion and that’s exactly what it is — irrational. Jealousy and envy are irrational, impulses that have gone overboard.

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