Rep. Jerry Bergevin: Its going to be a Great Kill this year!

State Rep. Jerry Bergevin (R-Manchester) is the poster child for the ideologically extreme House GOP. He sponsored legislation proclaiming March 31 as a day to remember Terri Schiavo, requiring the teaching of evolution as a theory in our public schools and legalizing discrimination by those providing wedding services.

Bergevin blamed the horrors of the Columbine school shooting and the atrocities of Nazi Germany on teaching the theory of evolution. And after the House and Senate approved a bill legalizing home cultivation of marijuana for medical purposes, he sent this inflammatory email to every House representative.

Social liberalism Tim etc...

As one who has suffered from intense pain from health problems I
never once resorted to Alcohol or Pot when all medicine
prescription and over the counter failed, therefore I am not for
the absolute insanity of legalizing street drugs and calling it

The word Potheads  that's you in the house and senate that just
legalized the rectum as a sexual organ and now you Potheads you
in the house and senate whom I am referring to as Potheads even
if use it or not you are Potheads in your ridiculous attempt to
legalize it as medicine and sell it to those with major health
problems . Shame on every dam one of you who voted for this
pathos for your attempt at such exploitation of the sick.

I just wish I could sell this to SNL and start something new like
the cone heads  after all its not called DOPE for nothing

RHINO republicans Hunting season is about to begin and I Love
hunting for these its going to be a Great Kill this year !


  • tchair

    Did you get a flu shot last year ?
    Are you going to get one this year?

  • SethCohn

    and now folks have a small idea why.

    He’s not a poster child IMHO, he’s atypical to say the least.

    I was taught if you can’t say something nice, not to say anything.  So I’ll stop here.

  • Lucy Weber

    I am so grateful to William Tucker for posting this, as I was trying to do so myself, but was still wrestling with the formatting.  I note that medical marijuana is a totally bipartisan issue in the NH House, supported and opposed by people on both sides of the aisle.  

    I also note that both Democrats and Republicans have responded to this email with messages ranging from disapproval to outrage.  I wonder when the Speaker and the Majority Leader, both of whom have cited the need for civility, will take a stand.

    • Tim C.

      And they’ve maintained that stand for the last year and four months.

      They’re on the wrong side, as usual, but there’s no denying they’ve taken a stand.

    • Matt Simon

      Thank you for noting how bipartisan the vote was in the House. Here’s the partisan breakdown from the 236-96 House vote on SB 409:

      152/245 = 62.0% of Republicans voted yes
      84/87 = 96.5% of Democrats voted yes

      In the Senate, which passed the bill 13-11, eight Republicans including Senator Jeb Bradley and Senator Gary Lambert joined all five Senate Democrats voting in favor.

      Obviously, there are still a few opponents, including Rep. Bergevin, of course, and also a certain New Hampshire governor, so Rep. Bergevin may yet get his wish of seeing this bill killed.  

      • Rep. Jim Splaine

        …it’s about human beings.  Too many of us seem to forget we have to care about one another.  

        Thank you for what you do.  

  • Chaz Proulx

    Extremist movements depend on ignorance. Boy, there’s a lot of it going around.

    Just what you’d expect when the majority party turns its back on science, critical thinking, and education.

  • GreyMike

    Nothing like a refreshing wade through the shallow end of the lexicographic gene pool.

    More bathos than pathos here.

    • susaninrindge
      • GreyMike

        to work on getting these miscreants out of office now that I have lost my part-time teaching gig as a direct result of their anti-education actions against the university system.

        They are very much mistaken if they think we are all just going to go home and hide with our tails between our legs.

        Unemployed sociologists, political scientists, and teachers of communication and journalism can be a dangerous group to piss off.

    • susanthe

      to take a bathos after reading that.  

      • Rep. Jim Splaine

        …don’t want to soak in that, even for a minute.  

  • Vis Unita Fortior

    I wonder if he realizes that he began this by saying, “One of my virtues is that I only ever allow government regulation to determine which drugs I choose to take…”

    • GreyMike

      not only did he not know anything, he didn’t even suspect anything.

  • Mike Hoefer

    Sending a note like this to your a close confidant, let alone the entire house email list.

    If government was run like a business this guy would be fired for this email

    • Lucy Weber

      there would have been a resignation by now.

  • TimothyHorrigan

    Rep. Bergevin is not backing down.  Today he blurted out the following:

    Hey Rhino’s of the House & Senate

    Who hang and die Politically on the weed as medicine & the bung as sex organ

    Reflections of a potential US / NH future The Mexican Martyrs of Socialism – Gospa Missions

    All brought to you by the Extreme left wing dems and their Rhino allies in the gop


    • Rep. Jim Splaine

      …and rejection by the voters in November.  

    • TimothyHorrigan

      To lighten the mood, a little music!

    • dooper
    • GreyMike

      so he can appear to be rational by contrast.

  • cyndychase

    Better to be suspected of great ignorance than to open your mouth or write a public comment and remove all doubt.

    “We’re on the road to nowhere…”

    • IgnoreAtYourPeril

      It is full of grammatical and spelling errors. Was he so upset that he lost his ability to communicate?

      How embarrassing for him to show such base ignorance of his native language (it IS his native language, isn’t it?).

      And the rectum as a sexual organ? Unless you live under a rock, every orifice in the human body has been used as sexual organ at one time or another – unless of course you want to write a law outlawing the use of rectum, the mouth, the space between the feet, hands etc, etc….

      • TimothyHorrigan

        The quoted emails are exactly as written by Rep. Bergevin, except I had to change a hyperlink to a link.  

      • GreyMike

        mandating English as the official language of the NH Legislature, with a literacy test required of all legislators…

    • cblodg

      I fully enjoy the fact he used the animal and not the acronym to describe his colleagues.

      • GreyMike

        The rhino is a homely beast,
        For human eyes he’s not a feast.
        Farwell, farewell, you old rhinoceros,
        I’ll stare at something less prepoceros.

                         -Ogden Nash

  • hannah

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