Bass, Guinta Vote to Kill Medicare

The Ryan budget passed the House today. In addition to further tax breaks for the wealthy, it ends Medicare. The vote was 228-191, with no Democrats voting Yes and 10 Republicans voting No.

Charlie and Frank voted Yes.

Press release / fact sheet from the White House on the impact the Ryan plan would have on New Hampshire below the fold.

Fact Sheet: Consequences of Ryan Republican Budget for Education in New Hampshire

WASHINGTON – In February, President Obama put forward a balanced budget proposal that reduces the deficit by over $4 trillion by asking the wealthiest to pay their fair share while making the investments we need to create jobs and strengthen the middle class. Today, the House of Representatives is voting on the Ryan Republican budget proposal which offers a very different vision for the future for New Hampshire’s middle class families. It fails the test of balance, fairness, and shared responsibility, showering the wealthiest few Americans with an average tax cut of at least $150,000, while preserving taxpayer giveaways to oil companies and breaks for Wall Street hedge fund managers ‒ all paid for by undermining Medicare and the very things we need to grow our economy and the middle class. The Ryan Republican budget would end Medicare as we know it, turning the guarantee of retirement security into a voucher that will shift higher and higher costs to seniors over time.  

The Ryan Republican budget draws on the same wrong-headed theory that led to the worst recession of our lifetimes and contributed to the erosion of middle-class security over the last decade.  And the President believes we cannot return to a failed theory that didn’t lead to the growth of jobs, incomes, or the economy.


  • Undermines college affordability: The typical student would see his or her Pell Grant fall by $800 in 2014, making it more difficult to afford college.
  • Reduces work-study opportunities: 1,290 New Hampshire students would lose work-study job opportunities in 2014, which help them pay their way through college.
  • Slashes funding for special education, elementary and secondary schools: New Hampshire would lose $14 million in Title I and IDEA funding for its elementary and secondary schools.
  • Cuts access to Head Start for New Hampshire families: Over the next two years,  600 children would lose access to Head Start,a program that helps promote school readiness.

2 Responses to Bass, Guinta Vote to Kill Medicare

  1. elwood March 30, 2012 at 3:04 am #

    One of the worst examples of right-wing media bias is the claim by [sic] that describing Ryan’s plan as ‘ending Medicare’ is somehow inaccurate.  That’s baloney.

    When we say “Medicare” we mean “the program that provides guaranteed and adequate health care coverage beginning at roughly age 65.” Gutting its guaranteed coverage to funnel the money into private insurance companies makes it a different program – in kind, not degree.

    Lincoln asked, “How many legs does a horse have, if we call a tail a leg?”  When someone helpfully answered “Five,” Lincoln corrected him. “The answer is four, because calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it one.” Calling a voucher plan “Medicare” doesn’t make it that.

  2. hannah March 30, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

    The anti-intellectualism that’s long been identified as a prominent strain in the American populace more and more looks like an antipathy that grows out of what a goodly number of people can’t do.  
    Instinct-driven people have to rely on their impulses because they can’t think.  And because they can’t do it, they don’t like it.  It’s not very different from people who don’t like to dance.

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