Stump the Chumps

Ray: Hello, you’re on Car Talk.

Caller: Hi, this is Mitt R-

Tommy: No last names, please.

Caller: Okay, this is Mitt from New Hampshire.

Ray: Is that ‘Mitt’ with a ‘Y’?

Caller: Yes – and my “Why?” is: “Why did we spend billions of dollars bailing out the auto industry, when we could have given that money to the big banks?” But I have a car question.

Tommy: You’re from New Hampshire – what kind of pickup do you drive?

Caller: It’s a Silverado. But my question isn’t about the pickup, or the Corvette, or the Mustang, or the 300 – it’s about one of the Cadillacs.

Ray: What’s the problem?

Caller: Well, we have some old bumper stickers on the Caddy.  They seemed like a good idea at the time. You know, “Right to Choose,” “Health Care for All,” and so on. We really don’t want to drive around with them on the car anymore.
Ray: What have you tried so far?

Caller: My wife thinks we should have somebody try scrubbing them off with some cleanser.  But that seems chancy.  I think we should just replace the cars.

Ray: Hmmm. Most bumper stickers should come off without damaging the chrome with a little scraping with acetone thinner.

Tommy: Or you could just have the bumper stickers posthumously rebaptized  into Right to Life lettering – IN MY OPINION.

Caller: Hey that’s a great idea! Guys, I have another question about rooftop carriers and Irish setters -

Ray: Sorry Mytt, one question to a customer today.

  • Kathy Sullivan 2

    Bumper stickers should go in corner of rear window. Can be removed with no damage.
    That is where I have my Obama bumper sticker.

    • elwood

      But it’s a pain.

      With glass you need to make sure there isn’t a problem with defrosters or antennas. Maybe they’re all embedded now – some used to be surface mounted.

      On some of my cars the bumper stickers were structural, anyhow…

    • RealNRH

      I prefer to just get a strip of magnetic backing, put the bumper sticker on that, and then put the magnet on the car. Just make sure to remove it before going through the wash and it works quite nicely without any lasting cleanup troubles.

      Also, Goo Gone works pretty well as an all-purpose adhesive remover.

  • hannah
    • elwood

      Reminds me of Werewolves of London – “his hair was perfect.”

    • GreyMike

      he’s not from Stepford?

  • tchair

    Heat the sticker with a hair drier—-peel off—-simple

  • tchair

    A Liberal and a Moderate and a Conservative go into a bar———————–the bar tender says

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