MN Governor Vetoes ALEC

The DFL governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, has a new approach to ALEC written bills.  He vetoes them, one and all.  

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton criticized Republicans for trying to quickly pass a set of bills lifted from a right-wing groups “boot camp manual”. Governor Dayton said the the four bills he vetoed Friday would have changed how corporations can be sued and were “just another ploy by the Republican majorities as they provide their special interest friends, the rich and the powerful, with more favoritism and favors at the expense of most other Minnesotans. “

Professors at the University of WI are also calling out ALEC:

University of Wisconsin-Madison professors Julie Underwood and Julie Mead are expressing concern over the growing corporate influence on public education in an article published Monday.

In particular, they are highly critical of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which connects conservative state legislators with like-minded think tanks, corporations and foundations to develop “model legislation” that can be enacted at the state level.

h/t to Charlie Pierce  

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