Friday Funny: Rep. Blankenbeker to Married Couples: Practice Abstinence!

We couldn’t help ourselves and had to hold this second video from yesterday’s “birth control causes prostate cancer” post, because it’s just too darn ridiculous to not have its own day in the sun.

Enter Rep. Lynne Blankenbeker (R-Concord) on why birth control coverage in health insurance plans is not necessary, when people could simply purchase condoms out-of-pocket or practice abstinence:

Wonder how couples in her district feel about this suggested alternative.

(Alas, Rep. Notter wants her limelight back; see her double-down on the prostate comments today with new claims that abortions cause breast cancer.)

Video and coverage by Granite State Progress

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  • mevansnh

    As a joke.

    • Ray Buckley

      NH can’t wait to get them out!

      • Rep. Jim Splaine

        …would have been one less, but darn it for Leap Year Day.  

  • JonnyBBad

    wish her parents had practiced or even perfected it…

  • Lucy Edwards

    before the pill when we were told that if you wanted sex you needed to get married, and now we are told that if your preference is for someone of the same sex, you can’t get married, and if you are woman and man and married and as a couple you would prefer to defer or space your children you should…not have sex?!!!!!

    It reminds me of playing Monopoly with my brother and sister when I was a kid.  They drove me crazy by always changing the rules.  And guess what?  Their rules meant they won.  

    Time for these legislators to retire to a quiet place and calm their fevered brains.  

  • mevansnh

    should practice what she preaches by abstaining from opening her mouth.

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