Ask Congressman Bass, Whose Side Are You On?

Ann Kuster says extending the payroll tax cut is a “no-brainer.” If Congress refuses, she says, nearly one million Americans will lose their jobs, economic growth will slow and the country could fall into another recession. “So why does Bass want to raise taxes on hard-working New Hampshire families?” Kuster asks.

We can cut payroll taxes for hardworking New Hampshire families and help stimulate the economic recovery. A household earning $50,000 a year would get a $1,500 tax cut – $125 to spend every month on food, gas and other essentials. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office even says that cutting payroll taxes is more effective at promoting economic growth than tax breaks for the rich.

Yet Congressman Charlie Bass has voted to protect tax breaks for billionaires and Big Oil while blocking this critical middle-class tax cut. No wonder New Hampshire voters believe Congress is broken.

This debate shows Bass’s true colors: He supports tax breaks for billionaires and Big Oil but opposes tax relief for 160 million hard-working Americans.

Ask Congressman Bass, whose side are you on anyway?

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One Response to Ask Congressman Bass, Whose Side Are You On?

  1. hannah December 13, 2011 at 8:08 pm #

    The self-centered person tends to be instinct-driven and, apparently, unaware that instinct is leading him wrong.
    Perhaps it’s because the self-centered person suffers from a range of sensory deprivations–i.e. no

    sense of time
    sense of place
    sense of direction
    sense of privacy
    sense of integrity
    sense of propriety
    sense of circumstance

    Perhaps it’s because the environment simply doesn’t register.

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