More Evidence Frank Guinta’s Mystery Money is Illegal?

Kathy Sullivan made an excellent observation in yesterday’s (dead tree only) UL that adds another data point of credibility to the allegation that Frank Guinta funneled $355,000 of someone else’s money into his campaign:

…The City of Manchester requires elected officials to file a financial disclosure report each year. The reporting requirements are not onerous.  The elected official merely has to list his employer, any business relationships, any investments in excess of $50,000 (including real estate), and any company in which the official owns more than 5% of the stock. The 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 reports filed by then Alderman Guinta list no investments of any kind – no stock, no real estate, and no bank accounts.

…Did he forgot about that account all those years, too, if it in fact existed? Or did he not consider money in the bank an investment? Although the form requires investments of over $50,000 that produce income to be listed, Guinta could have thought the interest paid by the bank on the account was a present. Or maybe he found the form “convoluted,” another excuse for failing to include the mystery bank account on his congressional form. Guinta always has an excuse. Those excuses are wearing thin.  His old boss, former Congressman Jeb Bradley, suggested Guinta produce evidence that he was telling the truth about the previously unreported bank account.

There’s more to the story there as well concerning a second Manch condo that was never listed as an investment property.

Meanwhile, the drumbeat grows; Team CSP Communications Director Jamie Radice:

“Frank Guinta is being dishonest with Granite Staters, and everyone knows it” said Shea-Porter Communications Director Jamie Radice. “Guinta and his staff can’t even get their stories straight.  He is using this slush fund to finance his campaign, and he has an obligation to tell voters where the money came from.  The reality is, ethics do matter.  If Frank Guinta had nothing to hide, he would have released his bank statements long ago. Rather than coming clean,  Guinta wants to talk about “other” issues.  However, public office is a public trust, and Frank Guinta must show the public that they can trust him.”

It is amazing to me that a simple photocopy of a bank statement could have ended this story a month ago.

3 Responses to More Evidence Frank Guinta’s Mystery Money is Illegal?

  1. elwood October 6, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    that Guinta committed perjury on those earlier forms?

    The charges could be refuted by producing an income statement showing that the $355,000 mystery money came from somewhere else. But isn’t it time for the justice system to demand that Guinta refute the charges, somehow, or plead guilty?

  2. StraffordDem October 6, 2010 at 5:22 pm #

    When it comes to shady money, no one is more on top of their game then Republicans.  Take it away, Fergus (bold belongs to me:

    Guinta says he simply forgot about the account. Would you forget about a bank account containing between $250,000 and $500,000?

    Discussion of this account is relevant because members of Congress deal with sums of public money worth many, many times that. If Guinta can’t keep track of his own money, how can he keep track of the federal budget?

    Second, Guinta’s explanation has brought his credibility into question. Prior to filing his amended report, Guinta had loaned his campaign $245,000. This sum was inconsistent with the value of his personal assets he had disclosed previously. Guinta, 39, has spent most of his adult life in public service earning modest pay. I wasn’t the only one who wondered, where’s the money coming from?

    At first Guinta’s campaign said he’d sold off investments – but if so, that is not reflected in the amended disclosure. Then Guinta changed his story and said he had simply worked hard, saved, and been a good investor.

    This malarkey lasts only as long as the media ignores it…the pressure is mounting.

    Be frank, Frank, where’s the money coming from?

  3. Chaz Proulx October 7, 2010 at 4:56 am #

    The pressure is mounting on Frank Guinta.

    I’m sure he can feel it–now let’s let him see it too. Live and in person.

    Please join us at the AARP debate at St. A’s on Tuesday Oct 12.

    We’ll be protesting Franks Mystery Money.

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