91 LSR’s have been introduced in the NH House

Sitting members of the NH House  can introduce Legislative Service Requests or LSR’s during the last half of September:.  An LSR is a request to have a bill drafted.  I see one of my old bills, the Sunday Closing bill (2011-H-0021-R) is coming back.  I absolutely will support it and hopefully cosponsor it— if I am in fact elected in November.

2011-H-0040-R, by Leo Pepino, is a marriage equality repeal bill. 2011-H-0003-R, by Mike Kappler is another one.

2011-H-0024-R, by Carol McGuire is probably a minimum wage repeal bill.  I am not with her on that one.

On the left, Rich DiPentima has a bill (2011-H-0027-R) which has something to do with getting rid of bottled water at mass gatherings.
New Hampshire Legislative Service Requests (LSR’s)
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2011-H-0001-R title: relative to selective service registration upon driver’s license application or renewal.
Sponsors: (Prime)L. Mike Kappler
2011-H-0002-R title: relative to unincorporated religious societies.
Sponsors: (Prime)L. Mike Kappler
2011-H-0003-R title: repealing same sex marriage.
Sponsors: (Prime)L. Mike Kappler
2011-H-0004-R title: clarifying the definition of gross misconduct for purposes of unemployment compensation.
Sponsors: (Prime)L. Mike Kappler
2011-H-0005-R title: relative to New Hampshire domestic liquors and wines.
Sponsors: (Prime)L. Mike Kappler
2011-H-0006-R title: relative to deduction for gambling losses from the tax on gambling winnings.
Sponsors: (Prime)Kenneth Weyler
2011-H-0007-R title: prohibiting the department of health and human services from entering into a contract with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. or any organization that provides abortion services.
Sponsors: (Prime)L. Mike Kappler
2011-H-0008-R title: requiring parental notification before abortions may be performed on unemancipated minors.
Sponsors: (Prime)L. Mike Kappler
2011-H-0009-R title: relative to state authority over firearms and ammunition.
Sponsors: (Prime)Jennifer Coffey
2011-H-0010-R title: relative to a license plate for firefighters.
Sponsors: (Prime)Jennifer Coffey
2011-H-0011-R title: relative to a Purple Heart trail along route 3.
Sponsors: (Prime)Jennifer Coffey
2011-H-0012-R title: relative to carrying firearms.
Sponsors: (Prime)Jennifer Coffey
2011-H-0013-R title: repealing the department of education’s rulemaking authority for home education.
Sponsors: (Prime)David Bates
2011-H-0014-R title: relative to the definition of marriage.
Sponsors: (Prime)David Bates
2011-H-0015-R title: requiring the state treasurer to post online all state expenditures in a fiscal year.
Sponsors: (Prime)David Bates
2011-H-0016-R title: relative to an electronic controlled drug prescription monitoring program.
Sponsors: (Prime)Cindy Rosenwald
2011-H-0017-R title: adopting and implementing the United States flag code.
Sponsors: (Prime)Lynne Blankenbeker
2011-H-0018-R title: relative to sales of artificial flowers and miniature flags.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0019-R title: relative to the sale of dairy products.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0020-R title: relative to treatment of cable television as a protected utility service.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0021-R title: repealing the prohibitions on Sunday business activities.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0022-R title: relative to the sale of stove polish.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0023-R title: repealing the authorization for energy efficiency and clean energy districts.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0024-R title: relative to the minimum wage.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0025-R title: relative to eligibility for walking disability plates and placards.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0026-R title: requiring Congress to reaffirm its adherence to the Constitution of the United States regarding international agreements and treaties.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol Vita
2011-H-0027-R title: relative to drinking water at temporary mass gatherings.
Sponsors: (Prime) Rich DiPentima
2011-H-0028-R title: relative to the suspension of drivers’ licenses for failure to make child support payments.
Sponsors: (Prime)Laura Pantelakos
2011-H-0029-R title: relative to the use of handheld cell phones while driving.
Sponsors: (Prime)Laura Pantelakos
2011-H-0030-R title: permitting a person to petition the superior court for any action pertaining to a pistol/revolver license.
Sponsors: (Prime)Steven Cunningham
2011-H-0031-R title: prohibiting the state from posting “no firearms” signs on state, county, or municipal buildings, other than courthouses.
Sponsors: (Prime)Steven Cunningham
2011-H-0032-R title: establishing multi-use number plates.
Sponsors: (Prime)Brian Rhodes
2011-H-0033-L title: relative to the eligibility of the Unity school district to receive school building aid.
Sponsors: (Prime)John Cloutier
2011-H-0034-R title: prohibiting motor vehicle operators from using a handheld electronic or wireless communication device while driving.
Sponsors: (Prime)Liz Merry
2011-H-0035-R title: relative to limitations on liability of railroad operators that operate railroads near a recreational trail.
Sponsors: (Prime)Liz Merry
2011-H-0036-R title: relative to the posting of minutes of meetings under the right-to-know law.
Sponsors: (Prime)Liz Merry
2011-H-0037-R title: allowing municipalities and public agencies to incur costs to provide heat to tenants of a landlord obligated to provide heat, and providing for a lien to recover such costs.
Sponsors: (Prime)Liz Merry
2011-H-0038-L title: relative to the liability for payment of taxes on manufactured housing.
Sponsors: (Prime)Liz Merry
2011-H-0039-R title: relative to physical force in defense of a person.
Sponsors: (Prime)Leo Pepino
2011-H-0040-R title: establishing that marriage between one man and one woman shall be the only legal domestic union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.
Sponsors: (Prime)Leo Pepino
2011-H-0041-R title: relative to reciprocity for licensure by the board of veterinary medicine.
Sponsors: (Prime)Tara Sad
2011-H-0042-R title: relative to review of administrative rules.
Sponsors: (Prime)Thomas Buco
2011-H-0043-R title: declaring the month of April to be tax free under the meals and rooms tax.
Sponsors: (Prime)Thomas Buco
2011-H-0044-R title: relative to the vaccine for shingles.
Sponsors: (Prime)Thomas Buco
2011-H-0045-R title: relative to insurance payments for ambulance services.
Sponsors: (Prime)Thomas Buco
2011-H-0046-R title: designating the Mascoma River for protection under the New Hampshire rivers management and protection program.
Sponsors: (Prime)Franklin Gould
2011-H-0047-R title: relative to the land use change tax for the West Hollis Woods subdivision.
Sponsors: (Prime)Richard Drisko
2011-H-0048-R title: relative to the state committee on aging.
Sponsors: (Prime)Robert Bridgham
2011-H-0049-R title: relative to references to the choice and duties of town auditors.
Sponsors: (Prime)Mary Cooney
2011-H-0050-R title: relative to the preservation and care of the Franconia Notch forest reservation and memorial park.
Sponsors: (Prime)Elaine Swinford
2011-H-0051-R title: relative to the duties of tax collectors and town clerks.
Sponsors: (Prime)Peter Leishman
2011-H-0052-R title: authorizing medal insignias on special number plates for veterans.
Sponsors: (Prime)Stephen Shurtleff
2011-H-0053-L title: relative to the calculation and distribution of adequate education grants.
Sponsors: (Prime)David Hess
2011-H-0054-R title: establishing a local option for towns to assess a fee on shoreland property owners for milfoil control on a public body of water in the town.
Sponsors: (Prime)Richard Drisko
2011-H-0055-R title: relative to boating safety education.
Sponsors: (Prime)Chris Christensen
2011-H-0056-R title: relative to driver’s license reexaminations.
Sponsors: (Prime)Robert Williams
2011-H-0057-L title: relative to funding the Claremont, Colebrook, Milford, and Keene District Courts through fiscal year 2013 and establishing a committee to study the feasibility of using certain facilities to house such courts.
Sponsors: (Prime)Peter Leishman
2011-H-0058-L title: relative to the distribution of total education grants to municipalities.
Sponsors: (Prime)Kenneth Gould
2011-H-0059-R title: expanding the duties of school administrative unit oversight committees.
Sponsors: (Prime)Richard Drisko
2011-H-0060-L title: relative to treatments for the eradication of milfoil.
Sponsors: (Prime)Richard Drisko
2011-H-0061-R title: authorizing the acquisition of certain dams in the Connecticut Lakes Headwater tract.
Sponsors: (Prime)Gene Chandler
2011-H-0062-R title: creating a property tax exemption for the land footprint of farm buildings and certain agricultural structures.
Sponsors: (Prime)Rick Ladd
2011-H-0063-R title: requiring certain professional safety and security services to report certain criminal violations.
Sponsors: (Prime)Rick Ladd
2011-H-0064-R title: directing the house judiciary committee to investigate whether cause exists for the impeachment of Peter Hildreth, bank commissioner.
Sponsors: (Prime)Gary Hopper
2011-H-0065-R title: relative to the tax on gambling winnings.
Sponsors: (Prime)Chris Christensen
2011-H-0066-R title: establishing a committee to study rates of the interest and dividends tax for persons over 65 years of age.
Sponsors: (Prime)Chris Christensen
2011-H-0067-R title: allowing the state veterinarian to employ a meat inspection services administrator.
Sponsors: (Prime)Laurie Harding
2011-H-0068-R title: permitting the audio and video recording of any public official while in the course of their official duties.
Sponsors: (Prime)Jennifer Coffey
2011-H-0069-L title: relative to the payment of bills by municipalities.
Sponsors: (Prime)John Reagan
2011-H-0070-R title: granting the parents of school children an education voucher for a child to attend a school other than the assigned public school.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol Vita
2011-H-0071-L title: reducing the fee for copies of birth certificates.
Sponsors: (Prime)Steve Vaillancourt
2011-H-0072-R title: requiring that New Hampshire join the lawsuit challenging federal health care reform legislation, and repealing the authority for state implementation of federal health care reform.
Sponsors: (Prime)Steve Vaillancourt
2011-H-0073-R title: relative to local spending caps.
Sponsors: (Prime)Steve Vaillancourt
2011-H-0074-L title: reestablishing the initial monthly gross charge exemption to the communications services tax.
Sponsors: (Prime)Steve Vaillancourt
2011-H-0075-R title: requiring United States senators-elect and United States House of Representatives-elect to take an oath to uphold the New Hampshire constitution prior to taking federal office.
Sponsors: (Prime)Alfred Baldasaro
2011-H-0076-R title: relative to boat operation rules.
Sponsors: (Prime)John Hikel
2011-H-0077-R title: relative to muffling devices on boats.
Sponsors: (Prime)John Hikel
2011-H-0078-R title: relative to lawful commerce in firearms, including manufacture and sales in New Hampshire.
Sponsors: (Prime)Daniel Itse
2011-H-0079-R title: establishing a permanent state defense force.
Sponsors: (Prime)Daniel Itse
2011-H-0080-R title: relating to education. Providing that the legislature have the power to authorize schools.
Sponsors: (Prime)Daniel Itse
2011-H-0081-R title: relative to parental rights. Providing that parents have certain rights unless they commit an act that amounts to forfeiture.
Sponsors: (Prime)Daniel Itse
2011-H-0082-R title: relating to the taxing authority and donation limitation of religious societies. Providing that no church shall assess taxes and limits on donations shall be eliminated.
Sponsors: (Prime)Daniel Itse
2011-H-0083-R title: relating to the authority of the chief justice of the supreme court. Providing that laws shall be superior to rules promulgated by the court.
Sponsors: (Prime)Daniel Itse
2011-H-0084-R title: prohibiting interference with access to medical services and health insurance of New Hampshire citizens.
Sponsors: (Prime)Daniel Itse
2011-H-0085-R title: relative to state employee reimbursement for use of a personal vehicle.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0086-R title: relative to the review and approval of proposed agency rules under the administrative procedures act.
Sponsors: (Prime)Carol McGuire
2011-H-0087-R title: Petition on behalf of Timothy Dupont.
Sponsors: (Prime)Lars Christiansen
2011-H-0088-R title: relative to evergreen clauses in state contracts.
Sponsors: (Prime)Lars Christiansen
2011-H-0089-R title: allowing the recording of public officials.
Sponsors: (Prime)Lars Christiansen
2011-H-0090-R title: relative to mandated health insurance benefits.
Sponsors: (Prime)Lars Christiansen
2011-H-0091-R title: relative to jury nullification.
Sponsors: (Prime)Lars Christiansen


16 Responses to 91 LSR’s have been introduced in the NH House

  1. TimothyHorrigan September 23, 2010 at 4:05 am #

    David Bates has introduced: 2011-H-0014-R relative to the definition of marriage.

    • mevansnh September 23, 2010 at 4:11 am #

      When does the terrorism stop for the LGBT community?  Why can’t these bigots just get over it and move-on?  They are obsessed and that’s sick.

  2. Lucy Weber September 23, 2010 at 5:34 am #

    …plus c’est la meme chose.

  3. Rep. Jim Splaine September 23, 2010 at 6:16 am #

    …I’d like to fight for, and certainly some I’d like to fight against.  

    I (almost) miss it already.  I’ll be at some public hearings in the middle of Winter.  

    Good luck, Tim!

  4. Kathy Sullivan 2 September 23, 2010 at 6:16 am #

     Whackiest legislation of the year award, with Vaillancourt runner up.

    • susanthe September 23, 2010 at 7:58 am #

      crazy Al Baldasaro, and Mr. David Bates.  

      • Kathy Sullivan 2 September 23, 2010 at 4:23 pm #

        Itse and Vaillencourt take the cake according to this list, although Itse is the clear winner on the basis of the permanent state defense force. What planet does this guy live on?

        The scary thing is that there will be people who support him, just as a large number of legislators supported his nullification  resolution last year.

  5. kite September 23, 2010 at 8:20 am #

    (if anyone who reads a political blog can be called that), how do the people who draft the bill know what the legislator wants?  Or to ask the same question another way, can i find out if Dan Itse wants to institute a statewide draft, or have an all-volunteer force?

    • Lucy Weber September 23, 2010 at 5:20 pm #

      A legislator wanting to introduce a bill meets with one of several drafting attorneys.  Sometimes the legislator already knows exactly what they want the language of the bill to be.  Other times the legislator only has a general idea.  This is called a Legislative Services Request (LSR) and the LSR numbers are what you see on the list above.  The drafting attorney drafts the language and puts the bill into official format, and gives it back to the legislator for review.  If the language is as the legislator wants it, the legislator signs off, and may also ask other legislators to join as sponsors.

      As a tactical matter, a bill which has sponsors from both house and senate and from both sides of the aisle carries a lot more weight than one which comes from a small group with a readily identifiable agenda.

      After signoff, which this time around can, in some circumstances, be as late as Jan 12, 2011, the bill is given its final bill number, with a prefix indicating the body of origin and the type of bill it is.  HB 1 is traditionally the budget, which must originate in the House.  SB 376 would be a bill originating in the Senate.  HR 376 would be a House Resolution, in which we direct someone or some body over whose actions we have no control to do something they are already doing, or something they have not done yet and probably do not want to do, or, in some cases, recognizing someone for something they have already done.

      I am trying to remember exactly when the full text of the bill becomes public, and I think it is after the bill has been printed and assigned to committee, which will be in early January.  At that time, the full text of the bill will be available online  on the General Court web site.

      The drafting of many of the bills in the list above will be easy, as the drafting attorney will simply take the language of the bill as it was submitted last term and give it a new number.  You can get a pretty good idea of the text of this year’s version by looking up the bills filed by that legislator in the 2009-2010 session, or by looking up the key words in the title from prior sessions.  (Note: I just tried to look up last sessions bills filed by an individual legislator, and had no luck, which is either my error, or possibly the system is currently being worked on in preparation for the upcoming onslaught.)

    • Lucy Weber September 23, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

      For the state defense force bill, look up HB 524-FN from 2009, sponsored by Daniel Itse and others.

      • Lucy Weber September 23, 2010 at 5:31 pm #


        (but note that I have never successfully managed to link anything here.  Luckily, someone with more technical knowledge usually comes along after me and fixes it–thank you all!)

        • Tim C. September 24, 2010 at 4:23 am #

          The active state guard shall be comprised of those active reserve state guard members…

          No, it shall not.

          Here’s a pro tip: if you like the sound of a word and think it makes the people who use it sound highly educated, but you don’t actually know what it means, DON’T USE IT!

          Granted, “composed” doesn’t sound nearly as lofty as “comprised,” but hey, ya know what? It’s the right word.  Deal with it.

          COMPRISE =/= COMPOSE

          If you’re flat-out hellbent on using the word “comprise,” then use it right.  Here’s a basic guide:

          RIGHT: The US comprises 50 states.
          WRONG: The US is comprised of 50 states.

          RIGHT: The US is composed of 50 states.
          WRONG: The US composes 50 states.

          The whole comprises the parts.  The parts compose the whole.

          The phrase “is comprised of” has no meaning whatsoever apart from “I am not as literate as I want you to think I am.”

          Here endeth Rant On How Not To Sound Like A Pretentious Ass #278.

          note: This was probably originally the Legislative Services drafter’s fault, not Itse’s, though he did sign off on it.

          • Lucy Weber September 24, 2010 at 4:39 am #

            remember that Rep. Itse once filed a constitutional amendment to change a lower-case “s” in the current constitutional language to an upper-case “S.”

      • kite September 23, 2010 at 6:43 pm #
  6. nhveedub September 23, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

    For a party that supposedly prides itself on less government, there sure are a lot of very specific Republican bills in there denying rights, stopping/limiting actions, or requiring actions.

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