Kelly Ayotte: The Incredibly Invisible Attorney General

OK, this is getting bizarre.  First, under pressure, former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte has her “legally deleted” email released to show that there’s nothing from her on the FRM ponzi scheme. Which in itself is not exactly a vote of confidence on her behalf.

Now, we learn there’s nothing there either from the JUA case (Laconia Daily Sun, available here by then clicking on “Find a Past Issue”, under the 2010 file name “30L.pdf”):

CONCORD – Kelly Ayotte, a leading Republican candidate for United States Senate, apparently cannot outrun her role as Attorney General in the decision of Governor John Lynch’s Administration to pursue the $110-million surplus of the New Hampshire Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association (JUA).

When Ayotte was Attorney General her office provided the governor with a legal opinion that the state was entitled to the surplus funds.  On the strength of the opinion, the $110-million was included in the2010-2011 state budget.  Policyholders of the JUA challenged the state’s claim to the money and prevailed, first in Belknap County Superior Court and then at the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Soon after Ayotte announced for the Senate, questions about her role in providing legal opinion dogged her campaign.  And yesterday, attorneys representing the policyholders of JUA questioned why not one of the thousands of Ayotte’s e-mails disclosed to the public refers to her department’s representation of the JUA before the courts, which was a bone of contention during the litigation.

As I remember at the time, and as the article notes, Governor Lynch said Ayotte “was very involved in all of these discussions.”

What’s going on here?

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