Charlie Bass Bags Tea Party Caucus Money

The U.S. House Tea Party Caucus was unveiled this week. 40 of the House’s most radical right-wingers have signed up. The usual suspects are all there including Michele Bachmann, who once called Obama anti-American; Joe “You Lie” Wilson; and BP apologist Joe Barton.

We know the GOP candidates in New Hampshire’s 1st District—Frank Guinta, Rich Ashooh and Sean Mahoney—are all big fans.

But we haven’t heard from Charlie Bass who, we can imagine, would like to coast through the primary without publicly embracing the tea party so he can then emerge as “Mr. Moderate.”

But take a look at who is contributing to his campaign:

Joe L. Barton (R-Texas) $7,000
Pete Sessions (R-Texas) $5,000
Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) $1,000
Lamar Smith (R-Texas) $1,000
Ralph Hall (R-Texas) $500

Five of the Tea Party Caucus members have given Bass money. Do they know something we don’t know?

Postscript: I’ve updated the list of Bass 2010 PAC contributions with data from the second quarter. “PAC Man” Bass bagged another $67,000 in PAC money.

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  • Douglas E. Lindner

    should create an ActBlue page just for opponents of Tea Party Caucus members.

  • JonnyBBad

    “Bass bags” is a nice alliterative phrase alluding to both the money and the tea party. But to ‘bag it’ is used by the diarist in a manner contrary to its common meaning and therefore was misleading to this reader. To clearly deal with the consternation resulting from the alleged misuse, I will take the term to mean, in the parlance, ‘to forego’, as in folding our tent and ‘bagging it’, or, We were going to go see Palin, but we thought better and ‘bagged it’. The conflation is between teabaggers and bagmen, two separate species,depraved in their own right.

    I love the term “PAC-Man”

    • hannah

      Charlie’s making the rounds and filling his bags from his catch in the traps.  Moreover, from the perspective of the economy it’s all good.  Money is moving from all over the country (thank you, Texas) to New Hampshire and, presumably, being passed on as soon as it arrives.  Where would the PR industry be if political persuasion hadn’t become a year-round passion?  

      Bags, however, are intrinsically bad.  Even tea bags.  You never know what’s in them.  Have you looked inside a tea bag lately?  Or a handbag?  Some things are better not to know.  :)

    • William Tucker

      with multiple meanings. How about, “Charlie Bass Sucks Up To Tea Party Caucus and Takes Their Money”?

      • JonnyBBad

        ok…or Tea Party to Charlie ” It’s in in the bag “

        • JonnyBBad

          Charlie is the Tea Party Bagman, or Charlie is(aplogies to Urban Dictionary)a hose bag…extremely slutty and guilty of one night stands…will say anything for money…

          • William Tucker

            The #1 definition for “bag” on Urban Dictionary is “busty asian girl.” Who knew?

            • JonnyBBad

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