No Tent Big Enough for this Scoundrel

So cancer survivor Arlen Specter set up a website to promote his cancer research initiative.


Guess where the money goes when you donate to this worthy cause?

The Arlen for Senate campaign.

Specter’s defection to the Dems was as craven as it was obvious.  But this is a whole new level of scoundrel.

Go right ahead, Rep. Sestak.  I’m not wild about you, but at least you aren’t, AFAIK, scamming those struggling with cancer out of their money.

Morning Update
: Like most scoundrels, as soon as a little daylight hits, he’s making like it’s not what it is.

  • dtturner24

    Nuf said.

  • RealNRH

    And reading just the headline I thought this was the announcement of banning Vallaincourt.

  • Nicholas Gunn

    Honestly, if he wasn’t such a sleeze, i’m all for the big tent.  What hes doing w the cancer page, however, is ridiculous.

    In the short term, i’m glad hes in our caucus and not the party of no for the next two years.

    In the long term, i’m hoping the PA dems can successfully primary tim in ’10.

  • susanthe

    I think we should throw him back.  

    • Nicholas Gunn

      how he will weasel his way to the left in an effort to please the democratic primary electorate.

      We could easily have a vote on ENDA, Health Care and Environmental Issues, key democratic issues, where we didn’t before.

      • susanthe

        so far everything he’s said sounds like, “I’m going to keep on being a Republican, now that I’m a Democrat.”  

    • elwood

      Sure, Specter is too small. Usually you have to throw the small ones back.

      But on the other hand, there’s no prospect of him growing further.

  • hannah

    healing, we’ll be able to do away with all these eleemosynary efforts and scatter-short dollar collections.
    We might even get serious about preventing cancer by cleaning up the carcinogens we’ve dumped in the environment.

  • JimC

    I love this quote from the story Guru links to:

    “While it may meet the technical legal requirements, it’s fair to say it’s a bit misleading,” said Meredith McGehee, policy director at the Campaign Legal Center, a nonpartisan campaign law watchdog.

    The technical legal requirements? Those must be pretty loose.

    “Oh, you want coffee, Dean? Give me two bucks.”

    Then you’re surprised when I buy one for myself. Well, by the technical legal requirements …  

  • xteeth

    How can you tell the difference between the times when you should hold your enemies closer and taking a viper to your breast? Lots of fables about this stuff. Indian boy, pet wolf under shirt etc. Some times you do eat the bear, some times the Pope is a catholic, some times opposites do attract. Sometimes variety is the spice of life. With this much on the plate, my guess is that this is not that time but what would I know?  

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